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Re: Digital Server 7000

Hi Dave

Here a 7305 is running Debian. I had one with just two power supplies,
so I could screw a scsi 50-pin hard drive in place, where the center
power supply would be. The spacing of the grid matches almost the screw
hole spacing from the disk, if mounted upright, logic board turned
towards the grid. Inside there is a spare plug on the scsi cable, and
it's long enough to connect the drive. You just need to prolongue a
power cable to feed your boot drive. You can install on that disk and
you get a rescue linux in place and a boot partition. Like this you do
not need any other disk solution, that is supported by SRM. Happy

Regards, Adrian.

Dave Brockman wrote:
> Hello All,
>  I have inherited a 7305 Digital Server.  I have all 4 533mhz CPU's,
> and all 8 Gigs of RAM.  What I don't have are storage shelves and
> hard drives.  What are my best options for booting this beast?  I was
> considering possibly a network boot (which I haven't played with
> before) and using iSCSI for "local" storage.  I have the embedded
> controller that the CD-Rom is connected to, and the Q-Logic combo
> card.  I'd like to get this up and running to play around with, but I don't
> want to spend a lot of money on old small differential SCSI drives.
> I know these are picky about what devices they will boot from.
> Thoughts, ideas?
> Thanks,
> Dave Brockman
> <dave@brockmans.com>

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