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Re: Kernel IEEE Math Completion (everything is zeroed!?!)

On Wed June 14 2006 12:33, Bob McElrath wrote:
> I don't seem to reproduce the problem on 2.6.15.
> 0/0 = nan
> 1/0 = inf
> 9.99989e-321/2 = 4.99994e-321
> (0)<mcelrath@moya:/tmp> uname -a
> Linux moya.mcelrath.org 2.6.15 #1 SMP Mon Mar 13 15:01:04 PST 2006 alpha
> GNU/Linux
> The gcc I have installed is 4.0.3, but I couldn't guarantee that's what
> I used to compile this kernel...

Humm.  I manually specified my network module and risked a remote reboot back 
to 2.6.14 and it still didn't work for me.  I'm guessing your CPU might be an 
EV6 (or later), and so on your box it is being done correctly in hardware?

Maybe my memory is just bad and the Linux kernel's idea of a floating point 
fixup has always been to just zero the registers?

Thanks for checking!  -T

 Tyson Whitehead  (-twhitehe at uwo.ca -- WSC-)
 Computer Engineer                          Dept. of Applied Mathematics,
 Graduate Student- Applied Mathematics      University of Western Ontario,
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