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Re: Is there a problem with ustable kernel 2.6.16?

On Wed, Jun 14, 2006 at 10:20:57AM +0200, Uwe Schindler wrote:
> problems, but with this one aboot crashes before printing out any 

How did you determine that aboot crashes (I don't doubt it, but maybe
the new kernel cannot initialize video or something?)

> messages about loading compressed/uncompresses vmlinuz files. After 
> entering the profile number in aboot-interactive the cursor goes into 
> the next line and nothing happens anymore. The machine can only be 
> reanimated by pressing reset. Tried both -generic and -legacy 
> kernels. 2.6.15-generic runs fine from aboot. Instead of crashing you 
> see the message about "Loading uncompressed vmlinuz...\nLoading 
> compressed vmlinuz...\n" and so on. So this seems to be an aboot 
> problem (do we need a newer version of aboot or is the compression 

I am afraid aboot upstream is in deep sleep.

> algo of the vmlinuz file changed and aboot does not know this)? Or 
> could it be a problem with the initrd (since installing 2.6.15 the 
> yaird package was updated but for 2.6.15 mkinitrd did not run again). 
> But the initrd is loaded by the running kernel a little bit later, so 
> you should see the messages about loading the vmlinuz...

I agree. If you determine that this is aboot fault, please file a
proper bug report against aboot (though I cannot help you on this
atm). If you'll find a workaround/patch, even better :-))

Greetings from the same "hot" country,

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