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Re: Partitioning IDE drive with new Etch CD

Are you sure to start with that the installer see your ide hard drive ?
Fror the shell of the installer what does say
dmesg | grep hd


parted /dev/DEVICE print


Robert Oram a écrit :
Emmanuel Kasper wrote:

Robert Oram a écrit :
I created ext3 partitions and deleted some
> partitions as an experiment, booted to the new cd, and had the same
> problem.

I had the experience that parted ( the partionner of the debian-installer) is not able to read the disklabel and partitions created by fdisk. Did you create these partitions with fdisk ?
See : http://lists.gnu.org/archive/html/bug-parted/2006-06/msg00006.html

Maybe the original partitions were created with fdisk, I am not sure. But since then, I have done modifications with the Partitioner on the Etch CD I created in Janurary, and they are not visible at all. I installed Debian from my older disk, and the drive and all partitions were visible. I added a second drive, and was able to see it and create partitions, etc from within "GParted". When I boot from the Etch disk I made in Jan, all partitions and drives are visible from Partitioner. When I boot from the new Etch disk (yes, I have redownloaded and reburned it several times.), Partitioner loads, I see the commands at the top and bottom of the screen, but it either does not see the drives, or cannot read the partition info. Once again, I am trying to do a fresh install of Etch on a 164LX with SRM installed. I am using 2 IDE drives that are functioning fine.

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