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Re: recommended PCI video cards

Marc Schlensog wrote:
> On Thu, 8 Jun 2006 14:10:39 -0500 (CDT)
> rct@gherkin.frus.com (Bob Tracy) wrote:
> > Assuming TGA (not TGA2) hardware can be found at a reasonable price
> > (probably not a good assumption), how does it compare to the above?
> Do you expect an answer as in "slow"?

That would work :-).  I have no experience with the TGA adapters, but
there is supposedly some acceleration support for them vs. none for the
TGA2.  That's what motivated the question, because the TGA seemed to be
a upgrade capability-wise.

A question I didn't ask the first time around: what would be the best
option if it is deemed "a good thing" to retain compatibility with
Digital UNIX (and successors, e.g., Tru64)?  I suspect the official
answer is, if you want support, the hardware components better have
Digital/Compaq/HP part numbers :-), but adventurous types probably have
a recommendation or two.  For me, the question is purely academic
because I scrubbed Digital UNIX off my system when I decided to go

Thanks for the reply!

Bob Tracy                   WTO + WIPO = DMCA? http://www.anti-dmca.org

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