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Partitioning IDE drive with new Etch CD

Hello all,
I am trying to do a fresh install of Etch on a 164LX with SRM installed. I jigdo'd and burned a new CD on 6-7-06, and attempted to do the install. It went smoothly until the partitioning stage. It did not seem to be able to read the partitions (or lack there of) at all. It said, "loading Partioner" and then brought me to the next screen, and it had the commands at the top and the bottom, but no partiton info at the bottom. The drive alrady had ext2, swap, and reiserfs partitions on it. I then booted to a disk I created on 1-26-06, and the partitioner seemed to work fine. I created ext3 partitions and deleted some partitions as an experiment, booted to the new cd, and had the same problem. Has anyone else had this issue? Is it known? Is it due to the IDE drive maybe? What info can I gather to help resolve it? I am willing to experiment.

Thanks all,

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