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Re: Smaller?

On Sat February 11 2006 01:37, Harmon Seaver wrote:
>     Has anyone been able to use the uclibc stuff with alpha? I've tried
> using buildroot and uclibc to build a small system, but it never
> finishes the compile. Is there anything else small for the alpha?
> There's quite a few for intel, but none for alpha?

If you download aptitude as your package manager, you can mark anything that's 
not a key package you use as auto (especially the libraries).  It will then 
uninstall all the ones that are marked as auto that aren't required to 
statisfy a dependency on something that isn't marked as auto.

I also had good luck with interating between letting apt-get run out of space 
and going into the /var/cache/apt/packages directory and installing the 
bigger packages that have been downloaded with dpkg and then erasing them.

If it was you who was wondering about some circulair dependency problem with 
the ext2 utilities, I also managed to get around that by manual downloading 
and installing one or both of the packages that were causing the loop (if you 
are doing a manual install with dpkg there is a --force option you can use to 
cause it to ignore dependancies).


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