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  Even after doing an install w/o choosing anything in tasksel, and then
removing everything that looked extra, like mutt, procmail, lynx, lpr,
ispell, nfs -- and only adding pcmcia-cs and then the 2.4.18 kernel
(then removing the old 2.2.20 kernel), I still am left with about 260mb
install. I tried doing a dist upgrade to sarge, but there isn't room on
the drive -- it's the original 340mb. I suppose I could make swap
smaller, but I was hoping to get this on a 128 CF. Or at least a 256mb.
    Has anyone been able to use the uclibc stuff with alpha? I've tried
using buildroot and uclibc to build a small system, but it never
finishes the compile. Is there anything else small for the alpha?
There's quite a few for intel, but none for alpha?

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