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Re: DS20 Worth trying ?

On Thu February 2 2006 07:00, Alexander Kotelnikov wrote:
> TW> I'm running an almost stock 2.6.14 (a specially patched alsa driver)
> TW> with the
> BTW, what is that patch and is it known to upstreams?

The ES18XX module doesn't properly acknowledge the interupt was for it on my 
PWS500au.  Symptom is the first second of sound or so keeps looping 
indefinetly on play back.

When I looked through the code, there was an alternative method for detecting 
if the interrupt was caused by the card that was ifdeffed out in the interupt 
acknowledgment code.  The patch enables this, and it fixed my problems.

When I went to submit upstream, I found a bug report that sounded identical 
(number 1246), so I just attached a note and the patch to their report.  
Unfortunately it didn't seem to fix their problem, and so the patch has thus 
far been ignored.  I guess I should probably open a seperate bug report.


It would be nice to know why the code was ifdefed out in the first place...


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