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Re: DS20 Worth trying ?

I have a DS20 with two 500Mhz cpus. I originally tried the latest 2.4 SMP release but found it wouldn't run for long, it would hang up. The 2.4 generic release worked OK, though I did have problems with the NICs.  It had two Compaq NC3123s installed (these are the Intel based 82559 cards). I replaced them with a Linksys LNE100TX  and it's been working fine.  I also swapped out the Qlogic scsi cards and replaced them with a Adaptec AHA-2940U card because there was some thought that the Qlogic was causing SMP problems. Although the Adaptec card works fine, SMP still doesn't. I'm now running Linux debian 2.6.12-1-alpha-generic since 2.6 SMP doesn't even boot, hopefully this will be fixed one day.
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Subject: DS20 Worth trying ?

> Dear sirs.
>    Some years ago, i used to be a big Alpha fan (Collector maybe), getting
> to own several 21064 and 21164 based machines. I gave up on the hobby,
> but have been offered a nice DS20 in a small cabinet (E model)
> lately that i could use as a second machine at home.
> Unfortunately, i am very unaware of the state of "desktop computing" on
> the alpha.
> Should I dust off my SRM handbook and go for it ?
> BTW, i could use some advice on decent video adaptors that work on the
> Alpha,
> I remember hunting down a PCI Radeon back in 2002 (long gone) ,
> and getting  DRI  going  after a lengthy fight with gcc optimisations
> that produced broken code ....
> Regards
> Roberto de Iriarte.
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