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Re: Multia Install -- Success!!!

>>>>> "gl" == gl  <gl@decadence.it> writes:

gl> I know that the original slashdot.org run 24 hours a day on a
gl> Multia, but I have to suggest you not to put it at continuous
gl> work, just to let it live longer!

I have to strongly disagree here... My own Multia (VX42, 233MHz
version, even ran at 266MHz for 2 years) has been running 24 hours a
day for the last 6 years, and still going strong (insert your favorite
prayer here). This is my main router/firewall/wifi access point, so
you can guess I really *depend* on this box.

It still has the original 500MB 2.5" Toshiba SCSI disk, and is fitted
with a PCI ethernet, a PCMCIA ethernet, and a PCMCIA wifi card.

The only thing I had to do was to get rid of the thermistor that
controls the fan speed, and let it run permanently at full speed. You
should also check for the mainboard power connector. Mine managed to

Of course, mine is a VX42. VX40 is another story (at least because of
the infamous 74F623 problem).


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