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Re: Booting and installing an AlphaServer 2100

Hi and thanks for the response, Jay!

On Monday 30 January 2006 16:33, Jay Estabrook wrote:
> This, together with the EISA complaint, probably means that a RAID
> controller (most likely a DAC960) may have been removed from the
> system. SRM would notice if the EISA config had changed ((re)moval of
> the DAC960) and complain, and the device (dra.x.x.x.x) would be
> looked for in vain.

Uh-oh... Doesn't sound too good... :-( I was about to try it this 
weekend, but unfortunately, I had forgotten to bring along a 

> > Is there hope that I can get this running? May it be that that last
> > problem can be corrected by the EISA reconfiguration?
> There's a built-in NCR810 on the mobo/IO module that could be cabled
> to the disk shelf in front. That may be the only way to get it going
> without adding another SCSI controller.

Hmmm, OK. That would imply that I would only be able to use one of the 
~10 disks that I got?


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