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Re: multiple 2.6.8-2 issues

On Thu December 22 2005 09:43, Bob Tracy wrote:
> (2) hardware clock not being accessed correctly to set system time
> 	The hours/minutes/seconds seem to be correct, but the year is
> 	thought to be 2053 (!).

I seem to recall having the same issues with the rtc module versus the genrtc 
module (one did what you are describing and the other worked -- I think it 
was the genrtc one that worked).  Currently I'm not using either though, and 
that also seems to work fine.

> (3) cdrom drive not found/detected
> 	/etc/modules contains ide-cd, ide-detect, ide-disk, and sd_mod
> 	in that order.  The second (ide-detect) is bogus for 2.6, but
> 	I don't think that's a show-stopper.

Do you have a chipset specific (or ide-generic) driver loaded as well (I use 
ide-generic because the cmd64x turns one DMA which is buggy and corrupts 
random data on my IDE harddisk).

Later!  -T

PS:  My machine is as PWS500au.

 Tyson Whitehead  (-twhitehe at uwo.ca -- WSC-)
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 Graduate Student- Applied Mathematics      University of Western Ontario,
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