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relocation overflows when loading modules on SMP alphas


I run into the problem of not being able to load modules on an SMP Alpha
due to relocation overflows vs sector <pick your favourite integer>. I dug
through the archives of the list and noticed it's been discussed but I
failed to find a message with a clear diagnosis let alone a solution.

One solution I did find was not to use modules but compile everything into
the kernel. Since I definitely cannot put everything in the kernel I run
the risk of hitting the problem again at a later time, if I just try to
compile everything into the kernel. 

Besides, I don't even know which modules are bad since the first one I
keep hitting this problem with is scsi_mod and my root (and everything
else as well) is on a scsi disc, so you probably guess how far I get in
the boot process... 

Can anyone point me to a real solution (still using 2.6.8), not a

Hm, you probably want to know: it's a dual UP2000+ running sarge.

Oh, 2.4.27 works fine, but there is no udev...

Cheers and thanks,

                | Juha Jäykkä, juolja@utu.fi			|
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