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Re: 325600 (<defunct> threads on Alpha).

I apologize for not reading thoroughly -

the file I mentioned, is in "build-tree/glibc-2.3.5/sysdeps/unix/sysv/linux".

I used "dpkg-buildpackage" to build the sources originally. It extracted everything into"build-tree" - I made my modifcation there and was able to do a "make" in the "alpha-libc" directory to test my changes - not that the changes are made, I'm not sure how to build a .deb without re-trashing everything - I figure the tools out - just hoped a patch would come from my information
quicker than it would take for me to be the fixer as well.


Uwe Schindler wrote:

I understand that, but I do not want to wait until it is fixed in Debin.

My Problem is:
I downloaded glibc sources with apt-get (in testing), ran prep.sh and then I was looking for the file you mentioned. Where is it? Do you have a patch that applies to the package source? Or even better, do you have the .deb files for testing somewhere to download?


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