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Re: Requalification of Alpha for etch

Steve Langasek wrote:

> FWIW, "exceedingly unlikely that there are less than 50 users" is
> wishy-washy.  I would appreciate it if we could get a concrete count that
> tops 50 users.  This shouldn't be hard, AFAICT; and I don't think it's too
> much to ask for that we have 50 users who care enough about the survival of
> the port to stand up and be counted.

The University Computer Club at UWA has a whole bunch of Alphas,
running various operating systems including Tru64, Netbsd and Debian.
We have at one Alpha running Debian with a GNOME desktop for use by
club members, and at least one other running Debian Sarge in the
machine room.

I'm not sure how many members the club currently has but there would
be at least 5--10 who regularly use the Alphas.


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