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Re: Requalification of Alpha for etch

On Sun, Oct 09, 2005 at 02:13:20PM +0800, Cameron Patrick wrote:
> Steve Langasek wrote:
> > FWIW, "exceedingly unlikely that there are less than 50 users" is
> > wishy-washy.  I would appreciate it if we could get a concrete count that
> > tops 50 users.  This shouldn't be hard, AFAICT; and I don't think it's too
> > much to ask for that we have 50 users who care enough about the survival of
> > the port to stand up and be counted.

> The University Computer Club at UWA has a whole bunch of Alphas,
> running various operating systems including Tru64, Netbsd and Debian.
> We have at one Alpha running Debian with a GNOME desktop for use by
> club members, and at least one other running Debian Sarge in the
> machine room.

> I'm not sure how many members the club currently has but there would
> be at least 5--10 who regularly use the Alphas.

Would you be willing to add this information to the wiki page?

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