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installation of aboot fails

Hello Everybody,

I have heard many good things about Debian, and I would be keen to have it installed on my Digital AU433, along with Tru64.

I have two disks: one SCSI and one IDE.
Tru64 used spans over the SCSI disk (system) and half of the IDE disk (used for the /home partition).

I'd like to install Debian (latest stable release 3.1) on the remaining space of the IDE disk (place left: about 5.7 Gb).

After an automatic partitioning, I got the following layout of the IDE disk (/dev/hdb):

Partition Nr.	Space	Flags	File System	Mount Point
#1		1.0M	K	aboot		
#2		80M	F	ext2		/boot
#3		5.4G	F	ext3		/
#4		288.2M	F	swap		swap
#8		4.4G		(Tru64)

The installation process works fine until the step "Install aboot on a hard disk". This step failed.

Now I am stuck... Admittedly, Debian and Alpha-Linux is a new world for me! My questions are, I guess:

1) Can I boot the system without aboot? If yes, how?

2) Is there a possibility to get aboot properly installed on the IDE disk? Perhaps by partitioning manually?

3) If it is not possible to get aboot, booting Debian from floppy would be ok. How do I generate such a bootable floppy?

Ah... Just noticed that the install process somehow spoil the /home partition for Tru64... Guess, I'm doing something more than wrong :-(


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