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Re: Sound on AS500/333 next try

Alsa drivers are at this time only available in Sarge for x86 kernels. But if you use kernel 2.6 you will have them without separate installation (only get the alsa package for the user mode programs). Then you can run alsaconf and install the soundcard.

To load the kernel driver for oss just try something like:
modprobe ad1848
io=0x530 irq=9 dma=0 dma2=2

If that works you can add this line without "modprobe" to /etc/modules


At 11:08 02.07.2005, you wrote:

Hi all, i?m
asking again, 


following problem: 

I've installed  Sarge here with Kernel 2.4 on my
Alphastation 500/333

and can't get running the onboard sound card. Under
Woody the card runs fine, 

because in the installation-setup i could manually add
the soundcard with 

parameters (ad1848, ISA, no PNP with io=530 irq=9 dma=0

Runs fine under woody, but what must i do under

Maybe the OSS-Driver won?t run under sarge, so i must
install the ALSA packages

(Which of these, to get the ad1848 driver?)

Please help.


Thanks in advance 


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