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Re: New Installer & ReiserFS

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On January 16, 2005 04:59 am, gl :) wrote:
> My experience with reiserfs gone bad twice.
> First time on x86 the server lost many files in /home and gave me very
> much trouble in human relationship with people who lost files.
> The second time was on alpha, were reiserfs lost *every* file with
> execution bit set from the /usr partition. *Every executable*, other
> files were left on the filesystem. The /var was reiserfs too but didn't
> have the same problem while / was on ext3.
> I built a script to verify which packages were damaged (by using dpkg -
> S and looking for missing files) and reinstalled about 150 packages on
> the system. Then I switched the whole system to ext3.

Would you happen to remember when this was and possibly what kernel you where 
using?  ReiserFS was definitely unstable on the Alpha at one time (2.4.18 and 
earlier to be specific).  That was quite a while ago though, so it would be 
good to know if anyone has had any problems since then.


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