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Re: The Last Word on UDMA on Alpha?

At 23:34 12.01.2005, Steve Langasek wrote:

> ext3: OK
> JFS: broken
> Reiser3: broken (but it works fine for me)
> XFS: broken

I've been using XFS on alpha for years, with no more incident than an x86.
I've also never heard anything about it being broken on alpha except from
you, AFAIK, but perhaps I've just been less diligent at seeking out this
information than I should have. :)

It's also possible that the JFS problems are historical at this point; if
someone can get more concrete information about what was broken and when
(if) it was fixed, we can certainly still revisit the question of
disallowing JFS in the alpha installer.

I tried to install sarge on an AlphaStation 500 with the qlogicisp scsi driver. Ext3 worked the first time, when formatting the root partition with xfs the installer crashed during installing the base packages with a kernel panic (cannot reply it full, something like): "bla bla failed to complete kernel paging request bla bla". Tried it more times but after using ext3 it worked without any problems. The same error occured later with the qlogic isp driver when burning CDs (cdrecord started "lead in" -> kernel panic). The kernel panic also occured when ejecting CD-ROMs when the cd tray was blocked by the Alphastation access cover. After using the patched qla1280 driver with 2.6.8 (see other list thread) all this errors disappeared. But I could not test XFS because the sarge installer uses 2.4.27 with qlogicisp :(

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