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Re: updated kernels / miata sound?

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On November 26, 2004 04:55 pm, Steve Langasek wrote:
> > Also, sound on Miata is borked. I believe its a known problem and
> > that a patch was posted here a while ago. Are there any plans to
> > incorporate that patch or get it fixed upstream?
> Neither my memory nor a quick google search turns up any promising hits
> over the past year.  You would probably need to run this question by
> debian-kernel as well, since they're the ones responsible for kernel
> maintenance -- you might also want to provide more information about the
> specifics of your sound hardware, as I don't know if a reference to Miata
> will tell them any more than it told me.

That was probably me.  I posted the following in an email a bit ago (Re: 
ES18xx with alsa-sound and kernel-2.6.x ?):

The Alpha version of the DMA interface functions in the kernel are not 
compliant with the x86 ones in later 2.6 kernels (passing a NULL pointer as 
the dev is suppose to indicate the ISA bus).

There's a patch on my machine (whitehead.apmaths.uwo.ca/~tyson -- 
alpha-isa.patch) if you want.  I was going to get some more input on it and 
submit it (making kernel patches is a little out of my league -- should be 
okay though as it hasn't given me any problems and it was really pretty 
straight forward).  Haven't had the time yet.

The ES18xx patch for repeated looping is also there (on my box, without this 
patch, it just endlessly plays the first 0.5s of sound).

After a certain version (2.6.8 and greater I think) you also have add an 
include line into one of the files to get it to compile (I think it was 
'#include <linux/mm.h>' in pcm_native.c or '#include <asm/io.h>' in 
pcm_memory.c -- that's really stretching the memory though).


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