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Firmware 5305/1200 (was: Re: Matrox G450 on Alphaserver 5000?)

Dear Mark

Mark Ter Morshuizen wrote:

Can anyone tell me if I can use 1200 firmware on a 5305?
I guess you can resp. you have to. Looking at the HP/Firmware page when
choosing the 5305 you end up seeing the page for the 1200er. The Debian
alpha systemtypes page lists the 1200 and the 5305 in the same family
and with the same alias. It looks like 5305/1200 is the same machine
once as a "blue box"(=True64, VMS and NT) and once as a "white box"(=NT
For my machines, I never found a difference between the 7305 and the
4100. Both use the same firmware.

Regards, Adrian.

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