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Re: prelink on sarge - busted machine

On Thu, 25 Nov 2004, Steve Langasek wrote:

Hmm, perhaps you're the first person who's actually tried to use prelink on

Nope, guess not:


For my part, attempting to run "prelink -a" gives me an immediate segfault, and this is in a pristine sarge chroot with nothing significant installed at all. Since prelink has already been dropped from sparc recently due to critical breakage, it doesn't surprise me if the same is true on alpha.

Drat. Prelink would be nice to help speed up loads on my slow old Miata.

I'll try prelink the individual libs one by one to see where it starts to break ls/gtar/etc. And btw, does Debian have debug packages? Binaries installed by debian are stripped, is there any way to recover the stripped information? (Eg ala RPM's -debuginfo packages).

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