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Re: getting debian on a ds10 to autoboot


Short description of SRM boot of linux.

SRM - alpha machine console boots - SRM is like the BIOS on x86.
	SRM provides the >>> prompt.
	SRM has some diagnostics and utilities.
	SRM has a "boot" command.
	On most alphas (excepting VERY early ones) "help" provides
		a list of commands.
	SRM boots from network,disk,floppy, wherever.
	SRM has battery backed "environment" variables that
		affect booting and startup.

For Disks SRM boots into ABOOT.

ABOOT - similar in function to the lilo, but not quite as pretty.
	ABOOT knows how to read EXT2 partitions.
	ABOOT loads the kernel and initrd, if any, and boots the kernel.
	ABOOT has a list of kernels setup from within a running linux.
	ABOOT can boot other kernels/images via command line.
	ABOOT takes the boot "flags" provided via the SRM boot command
		to pick the kernel image to run.


John Clymer

Steven Jones wrote:
Hi I am new to Debian on alphas.

Install went fine, box works fine, patched etc.


Currently the server does not auto reboot, once down and at the >>> prompt, I have to type 0
>and enter then the server boots, is there a way to get the server to boot straight off?

Also I have installed a stock 2.6 kernel from the debian tree, how do I get it to boot to 2.6 manually?, then automatically instead of the 2.4 if it runs OK? is aboot.conf similar to lilo.conf?

Are there docs for this? if so a pointer to them would be appreciated.



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