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Re: Problem booting off CD

On Wed, Nov 17, 2004 at 06:55:19PM -0600, Greg Romaniak wrote:
> If I boot off the rescue floppy, does that just start the install process 
> like it would from CD, or do I need to force it to start a new install 
> somehow?

Yes, it should.

> I understand that woody doesn't get new versions of packages -- but I mean 
> I'm looking for a still maintained distribution.  Am I making the wrong 
> assumption that things like security patches and such are still provided? 
> Also, I'm assuming that there's an upgrade path from "current" to 
> "testing" and "unstable".  Redhat apparently just decided to ignore alpha 
> alltogether.

Woody has (contrary to testing) security support. And the upgrade path
is an integral part in Debian. Sarge (woodys successor) is in the
final stages of being prepared, and you can expect a seamless upgrade

Soon security support for Sarge will begin, and if you are still
unlucky with your woody CDs, then you might consider trying out the
new Debian-Installer and start with Sarge right away.



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