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Re: Problem booting off CD

On Wed, 17 Nov 2004, Adrian Zaugg wrote:

Hello Greg

Greg Romaniak wrote:
Am I doing something wrong?
Did you use "burn image" from the "file" menu in Nero?
Sorry for asking silly questions, but booting off a debian CD normally works.
As an alternative you may want to start installing from floppy disks. You just need the rescue-floppy for booting and the root disk. For the packages, you may then use your CD or install from the net.

I used the burn from image option under the record menu. EZ CD Creator seemed to be the default on my laptop -- when I just double-clicked on the .iso file it came up. Neither seem to work. Have you (or anyone else on the list) actually booted the debian-30r3-alpha-binary-1.iso image? It seems like it's pretty new (end of October 2004?), and I wonder how many fresh installs get done on alpha. Could there be a problem with the image that just hasn't been noticed?

If I boot off the rescue floppy, does that just start the install process like it would from CD, or do I need to force it to start a new install somehow?

Since Redhat doesn't seem to support Alpha anymore, I wanted to try a
current linux distribution that does and downloaded all 7
Woody is the current stable distro, but you may not find it to be a "current" distribution. In debian no new versions of packages enter the stable distribution no more; since woody was released a while ago, the packages aren't among the youngest no more. You may want to try "testing" or "unstable", which are more up to date.

I understand that woody doesn't get new versions of packages -- but I mean I'm looking for a still maintained distribution. Am I making the wrong assumption that things like security patches and such are still provided? Also, I'm assuming that there's an upgrade path from "current" to "testing" and "unstable". Redhat apparently just decided to ignore alpha alltogether.



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