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Re: Problem booting off CD

Hello Greg

Greg Romaniak wrote:
Am I doing something wrong?
Did you use "burn image" from the "file" menu in Nero?
Sorry for asking silly questions, but booting off a debian CD normally works. As an alternative you may want to start installing from floppy disks. You just need the rescue-floppy for booting and the root disk. For the packages, you may then use your CD or install from the net.

> Since Redhat doesn't seem to support Alpha anymore, I wanted to try a
> current linux distribution that does and downloaded all 7
Woody is the current stable distro, but you may not find it to be a "current" distribution. In debian no new versions of packages enter the stable distribution no more; since woody was released a while ago, the packages aren't among the youngest no more. You may want to try "testing" or "unstable", which are more up to date.

Regards, Adrian.

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