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PWS500au for sale


I used to be a member of this mailing list, about a year ago. I've since purchased an Apple iBook, and since then my Alpha has been sitting in my parents' basement collecting dust. I've decided that since I can't make good use of it anymore that I should let someone else get some use out of it before it becomes too old to be used for anything. Before I post it on eBay, I figured I'd try other ways of selling it. I apologize if this is not the place for an advertisement like this, but I figured that since you guys helped me so much when I used it, and my previous Alpha, that it would only be right to give you guys a first crack at it.

Here is the relevent information about it:
Digital Personal Workstation 500au
Processor	: Digital Alpha 21164A 500Mhz
Memory		: 512Mb ECC PC100 SDRAM
Storage		: Seagate 4Gb (SCSI)
		: Seagate 18Gb (SCSI)
		: Seagate Barracuda 60Gb (IDE)
Sound		: 100% SB16 Compatible
Video		: ATi Radeon 7000 64Mb DDR PCI
		: Matrox Millenium 8Mb SDRAM PCI
		: ATi All In Wonder TV Tuner/Video Capture Card
NIC		: DE500 (10/100MB/s)
		: D-Link DFE-538TX (10/100MB/s)
O.S.		: Debian GNU/Linux 3.0 for DEC Alpha

It comes with the Digital branded ps/2 keyboard and mouse that I received with it.

The 60gb Seagate Barracude disk is attached to a Promise ATA100 controller that I added to the box since I disliked the horrible performance of the onboard IDE controller. The ATi Radeon is the primary video card, however you can run a dual head X server using the two video cards, and xinerama. I've done it and it worked fine for everything I've used.

All of the listed hardware works just fine, with the exception of the 4gb scsi disk. It may work fine, however I stopped trusting it after I had some filesystem corruption on it (you can even search the archives for that eheh). One more thing that doesn't quite work right, the speaker output on the back of the box didn't always work right, but the headphone output on the side works fine, so I just used that.

I was warned before I purchased it, so I figure I should warn prospective buyers too: There's a dent on the side of the case. Unless you look at it under the right light, you really don't see it. The red "Digital" logo on the front is also worn out, so you can't see the white paint on it (how does someone wear that out is my question?).

The box is currently in Canada, but I live in the US, so I can ship from where ever is most convenient for the buyer. Buyer pays shipping, I'll ship pretty much anywhere, but chances are that shipping overseas would be more expensive than what the box is worth.

I'd like to see the box go off to someone who has a good use for it, cause I think it's cruel to own one of these cool computers and have it just sitting there collecting dust. But, I'm also not desperate to sell, nor can I allow myself to give it away for dirt cheap, or free. I'm a University student, and this money will be going towards my schooling as I can barely afford it. So please, don't waste my time with ridiculous offers.

With all of that said, if you're interested, make me an offer. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me. I don't have the box with me at the moment, and the next time I'll have physical access to it is in 2 and a half weeks, so I may not be able to answer some questions, but I'll do my best.


Richard Fillion

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