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Sanity checking needed of Alpha subarch codenames in d-i manual

The debian-installer manual for sarge includes a nice table
(http://d-i.alioth.debian.org/manual/en.alpha/ch02s01.html) that lists the
various alpha subarchitecture codenames, along with the specific machines
that fall into the category and their corresponding MILO image names where
applicable (which for sarge will be "nowhere", but that's another story).

In particular, the table includes these categorizations:

TITAN	AlphaServer ES45 		Privateer		N/A
	UNKNOWN				Yukon			N/A

TSUNAMI	AlphaServer DS10 		Webbrick		N/A
	AlphaServer DS20 		Catamaran/Goldrush	N/A
	AlphaServer DS20E 		Goldrack		N/A
	AlphaServer ES40 		Clipper			N/A
	DP264		 		DP264			N/A
	SMARTengine 21264 PCI/ISA SBC 	Eiger			N/A
	UNKNOWN				Warhol			N/A
	UNKNOWN				Windjammer		N/A
	UP2000				Swordfish		N/A
	XP1000				Monet/Brisbane		N/A
	XP900				Webbrick		N/A

In past discussions on the list, the DS15/DS25/ES45 series of machines have
been referred to as "TITAN-based", but the manual only lists the ES45, along
with the similar (but not identical) AlphaServers DS10 and DS20, classified
as TSUNAMI.  Does anyone know if this is accurate?  This is relevant for
sarge because the TITAN class of systems is not supported by the prepackaged
Debian kernels owing to specific kernel load address requirements.

Steve Langasek
postmodern programmer

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