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Re: Sanity checking needed of Alpha subarch codenames in d-i manual

On Sun, Nov 07, 2004 at 07:26:55PM -0800, Steve Langasek wrote:
> The debian-installer manual for sarge includes a nice table
> (http://d-i.alioth.debian.org/manual/en.alpha/ch02s01.html) that lists the
> various alpha subarchitecture codenames, along with the specific machines
> that fall into the category and their corresponding MILO image names where
> applicable (which for sarge will be "nowhere", but that's another story).
> In particular, the table includes these categorizations:
> TITAN	AlphaServer ES45 		Privateer		N/A
> 	UNKNOWN				Yukon			N/A
> TSUNAMI	AlphaServer DS10 		Webbrick		N/A
> 	AlphaServer DS20 		Catamaran/Goldrush	N/A
> 	AlphaServer DS20E 		Goldrack		N/A
> 	AlphaServer ES40 		Clipper			N/A
> 	DP264		 		DP264			N/A
> 	SMARTengine 21264 PCI/ISA SBC 	Eiger			N/A
> 	UNKNOWN				Warhol			N/A
> 	UNKNOWN				Windjammer		N/A
> 	UP2000				Swordfish		N/A
> 	XP1000				Monet/Brisbane		N/A
> 	XP900				Webbrick		N/A
> In past discussions on the list, the DS15/DS25/ES45 series of machines have
> been referred to as "TITAN-based", but the manual only lists the ES45, along
> with the similar (but not identical) AlphaServers DS10 and DS20, classified
> as TSUNAMI.  Does anyone know if this is accurate?

It is.

DS15 (aka HyperBrick), DS25 (aka Granite), and ES45 (Privateer) are all
TITAN-based machines.

Additional TSUNAMI-based machines are:

	DS10L		Slate
	DS20L		Shark (based on API's CS20)



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