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Re: D-I Problems

On Fri, Nov 05, 2004 at 09:59:00AM -0800, John E Clymer wrote:
> I just got around to installing a new (to me) 164SX motherboard.  I 
> download the latest built ISO and Net Boot images for alpha.  I have the 
> following gripes:

> * The installer tries to autoformat as ext3 partitions, but no ext3 
> module is available.  I believe this has to do with ext3 compilation 
> problems reported previously on this list.

What problems?  There most certainly is an ext3 module included with the
debian-installer for alpha.

> * The installer does not contain the aic78xx module.  The 164SX board 
> supports Adaptec 2940 based boards in SRM, but the D-I does not come 
> with a module for the aic78xx controller.

There are two modules for this series of Adaptec SCSI controllers included
in the kernel packages, on alpha as well as on i386: aic7xxx and aic79xx.
The discover package knows nothing of an aic78xx module, but the other two
modules are included in d-i (in the "scsi-modules" udeb).

The list for reporting problems with the installer is debian-boot, BTW.  You
may want to fill out an install report using the template found in root's
home directory on your installed system, and submit it; since (AFAIK) I'm
the only person on this list actively working on the alpha version of the
installer, filing a formal report with debian-boot is much more likely to
get you useful feedback than posting here, even in the case of
alpha-specific installer bugs.

Steve Langasek
postmodern programmer

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