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Re: MULTIA/UDB questions.

There is an easier way to not start a graphical login in Debian: Comment out the line in /etc/X11/default-display-manager, which ist the path to xdm, gdm or kdm. You don't need to use update-rc.d script or manipulate the K/S links in rc.d.

Regards, Adrian.

John E Clymer wrote:

Debian has one single and multi-user run levels. Init(ing) normal multi-user mode is done by scanning the directory /etc/rc2.d/. The files there start with either an "S" or a "K", followed by a two digit code, followed by the name of the service. The actual "files" in the /etc/rc2.d/ directory are symlinks to the service control programs in the /etc/init.d/ directory.

Upon swithching to a run level, all the links starting with K are called with the "stop" parameter, thus shutting them down. The two digit numbers determine the sequence of shutdown. Once all the "K" links have benn called, all the "S" links are called. Again the symlink is followed and the "start" commands are given.

Thus, to prevent kdm/xdm/gdm from starting, make sure all the symlinks for them in /etc/rc2.d/ start with a "K" and not the normal "S".

John Clymer

Nathan Poznick wrote:

Thus spake Ted Goodridge, Jr.:

I thought this was caused by default runlevels?  Am I wrong here?

Not in Debian.

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