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MULTIA/UDB questions.

Good afternoon,
I've been working off and on with a UDB/Multia.
This is a 166mhz non-upgradeable with 128MB of RAM, the floppy disk
drive, and an external SCSI cdrom and hard drive.

There is an internal IDE drive, and it's VERY VERY slow, thus I tend
toward ignoring it.

Anyways, The stock kernel with a debian install works fine, but my I've
tried 2.6 a couple versions and a couple versions of 2.4, specifically
2.4.26 and not been able to get it to load.

I should qualify this by saying I'm essentially a newb.

Is there a good white paper or clue list for me to get it upgraded
beyond the install?

Also, I can't get the machine to NOT start a GUI.  When it boots, it
always loads the GUI and I'm not certain I understand linux/debian
sufficiently to know how to get the machine to ONLY start to a command

P.S.  I have no emotional investment in what I've accomplished and would
happily wipe the box if I thought it would be appropriate.


Ted Letofsky

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