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Re: kernel-image packages for alpha in need of testing

On Wed, Jun 16, 2004 at 11:59:54AM +0200, Helge Kreutzmann wrote:
> Hello,
> On Sun, Jun 13, 2004 at 04:18:47PM -0500, Steve Langasek wrote:
> > > Sorry for wasting your bandwidth on the broken iso.  I'll post again as
> > > soon as I have 2.4.26 working in d-i.
> > 
> > The busybox maintainer has kindly provided an updated udeb that supports
> > modules generated by the latest binutils.  The images at
> > http://people.debian.org/~vorlon/fixed-alpha-kernels/ have been updated
> > as well, and verified to work.  Note that the only kernels available in
> > the archive to be installed are still broken, so you can only use this
> > for testing the new kernels, not really for installing a usable system
> > sarge system.
> Is the iso fixed as well? I used this
> 875051085ccfea30c88a7eb1edaa0c32  /scratch/zola/burn/cdrom-mini.iso

Based on your symptoms, no, it isn't fixed.  I unfortunately only tested
the netboot image of the two, since it's easier/quicker to test; I think
I must have forgotten to rebuild the cdrom-mini.iso, thinking that it
was built by the netboot target like it is on i386.

I'll rebuild and repost.

Steve Langasek
postmodern programmer

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