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kernel-image packages for alpha in need of testing

Thanks to Peter De Schrijver, I believe we've finally located the bug
that's made 2.4.2x kernel-image packages so horrible to use on such a
wide range of alphas.  Reverting a Debian-specific patch to the PCI
initialization code has resulted in 2.4.26 kernel images that are known
to work on three different alphas that showed various problems with
ethernet/SCSI drivers when booting the official kernel-images.

I've made packages available at
<http://people.debian.org/~vorlon/fixed-alpha-kernels/>.  I would ask
that anyone who can test them please do so; we need as much feedback as
possible, both for people who *were* able to use the existing
kernel-images packages, and from those who were not, in order to make a
case to the kernel maintainers to revert this patch.  If you don't know
whether or not the kernel-image packages work for you, an easy way to
find out without messing with your install is by grabbing a
debian-installer businesscard image from
<http://cdimage.debian.org/pub/cdimage-testing/daily/> and letting it go
through its hardware detection and network configuration phases.

Please follow up with your results to 253787@bugs.debian.org, including
the output of lspci and cat /proc/cpuinfo.

I will be preparing local debian-installer images based on these kernels
as well, which I should have ready this weekend, for those who would
prefer to test that way.

Steve Langasek
postmodern programmer

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