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Re: XLT366 Memory Compatiblity...

On Fri, 4 Jun 2004, Phil Mendelsohn wrote:

> Ryan Kirkpatrick said:
> > Anyone have any clue what is going on here? I would very much like to have
> > my pair of XLT366s running with 512MB of RAM each. Am I missing something?
> > Is the memory incompatible (and if so, what memory is compatible)? Or is
> > the memory just plain bad? Thanks!
> Suspect the latter, I would guess.  Have you tried each chip individually
> in one machine, to see which work on their own?  Should that work out,
> then you might be forced into checking permutations.  HTH.

Unfortuntely, the XLTs require SIMMs in banks of four, so I can't test
them individually. 

I did some further testing of the SIMMs by putting them into a Sparc
LX. I put the max of 6 SIMMs in, for a total of 384MBs. Of course, it was
only able to see 96MB (its max supported RAM), but I was able to boot
Linux without problem. It appears that when the memory is not fully used
(due to system constraints) it works fine. It is only when it is fully
utilized that it stops working. Almost as if they are not as big as they
claim to be!

Yet the chips are HY5116100, which I found, via google, are 16Mbit
chips. Each SIMM had 36 of them, which works out to 64MB per DIMM! Thanks
for you help anyway.

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