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RE: testing vs stable (was Re: broadcom drivers debian (was RE: Debian Installer - Problems Partitioning))

There you go again (nod to the late Ronnie, not that I would have voted
for him).

As promised, after my success with the DL140, I popped a sarge CD into
my beloved old Alpha 4100s and the previously dormant StorageWorks 800
array lit up like a Christmas tree for the first time for over a year.
It will be a couple of days before I can spend some more time on it, but
I was jubilant.  Until you guys started bickering, hinting that it's
"not secure" or something.  You guys need a good PR agent.  Just
kidding.  Or am I?

Next I will put the dreaded DAC960s back and see if they work on sarge.
More news soon.


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On Mon, Jun 07, 2004 at 08:37:46PM -0400, Dan M. MacNeil wrote:
> http://www.nl.debian.org/security/faq#testing

> Q: How is security handled for testing and unstable?

> A: The short answer is: it's not. Testing and unstable are rapidly
> targets and the security team does not have the resources needed to
> properly support those. If you want to have a secure (and stable)
> you are strongly encouraged to stay with stable. However, the security
> secretaries will try to fix problems in testing and unstable after
> are fixed in the stable release.

> It is my subjective experience that the security team is actually
> good about updating testing.  For example the postgresql update
applied to
> both testing & stable.

This would be very subjective indeed, because the security team does
nothing to directly address security holes in testing.  The most they do
is to document whether the bug affects testing.

Steve Langasek
postmodern programmer

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