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Why no /dev/hda even though the disk is recognized?

I'm trying to install a clean sarge/testing debian on a DS20L, but
with little success. (It's an IDE drive, no floppy, no SCSI drive but
has a built-in SCSI).

I was able to use the debian-installer to shell-out and execute fdisk
to create a BSD disklabel and useful partitions.  The shell, however,
does not have a /dev/hda even though it has a /dev/discs/disc0/ and
/dev/ide/host0/bus0/target0/lun0/ which point to the IDE drive.

Using "discover scsi" finds it's controller, but using
"discover ide" shows nothing.

partman sees the drive, but of course that's useless.

So I used mk2fs and mkswap on the /dev/discs paths and even
mounted them in the shell.  Exiting the shell and trying to
'install the base system' says that there is no root filesystem

Does anyone know how to work around that?

I think the 2.4.25-1 generic alpha kernel doesn't see my IDE drive,
however, even though it sees the SCSI controller.  Is that possible?

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