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Re: Installation on 164-LX

On Thu, May 13, 2004 at 09:56:45PM -0500, Steve Langasek wrote:
> Currently, installing sarge on a machine running AlphaBIOS is not
> supported.  No one has stepped forward to maintain MILO support for
> sarge (and if you've seen the pedigree of MILO's code, you surely
> needn't wonder why :).

Well, today was my first experience with MILO.  Frankly, I don't really
understand the parts -- I'm assuming that AlphaBIOS is analogous to the
BIOS I have on my PCs and MILO works like LILO.  But, your reference to
installing SRM makes me wonder if that is a correct assumption.  Is SRM
installed by flashing?

Still, if I wanted to install Woody from CD I'd still need to boot from
CD, and that's where I'm stuck.  Can you tell from my post what I am
doing incorrectly?

I'm also thinking that the current setup on the machine is not correct 
because it won't boot automatically and I need to enter the boot line 

> If you don't have any hardware or second OS considerations that prevent
> it, it is definitely possible to install SRM on a PC164LX.

No, I just want to get a current OS on the machine -- I don't care about
anything that's already on it.  There's a small NT partition on the
disk, but I have no idea if there's any data there.  I assumed that was
perhaps a requirement for the BIOS.

> Otherwise, you can install woody and upgrade, or just do a
> dist-upgrade to sarge from potato (you may want to dist-upgrade to
> woody first, though, following the installation manual's hints on
> problematic packages).

That's probably the best solution.  I didn't see any notes on
problematic packages, so I'll look again.  I wanted to try and install
from CD to see if newer drivers fix my NIC problems.  I guess I need to
drop that NIC into another machine to see if it works elsewhere, but as
it is now in the Alpha I can't do a dist-upgrade.  Maybe time for a new

I need to learn some basics about the machine before moving on -- like
understanding how to boot from CD and/or floppy and how the boot process

Thanks for the pointers,

Bill Moseley

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