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Re: Alpha Miata IDE disk problem

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> I have a MIATA PWS 500a with a custom Woody installation updated to SID,
> BUT I get strange filesystem (ext2) corruptions only with the 2.4.26
> kernel. Untarring the kernel sources I can see random binary data in the
> sources. I also tried a 2.6.4 kernel but the filesystem corruption was so
> bad I had to wipe the disk.

Yeah.  I had this problem to.  Corrupted my backup harddrive as well.  : )

I finally got bug free access to my IDE drives by not compiling in CMD646 
support to kernel (i.e. just generic PCI IDE).

This stops the kernel from enabling any special features (DMA, etc) on the 
CMD646 chipset.  The downside is IDE disk access is slow.

- From reading the documentation/source, I understand the CMD64x chipsets are 
buggier than I'll get out.  Guess the real solution then is to use the SCSI 
subsystem or a different IDE controller.

- -T

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