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Re: Alpha Miata IDE disk problem

On Wed, 2004-05-05 01:00:56 +0200, fabio <fbbp04k1@tiscali.it>
wrote in message <200405050100.56141.fbbp04k1@tiscali.it>:
> I have a MIATA PWS 500a with a custom Woody installation updated to SID,
> SRM boot. Debian is installed on a 20G 7200 rpms IDE disk. 
> hdparm -t with a 2.2.x kernel reports a transfer rate of 1.3 MB/s
> hdparm -t with a custom compiled 2.4.26 reports a transfer rate of 13 MB/s.
> Ten times the 2.2.x transfer rate. Comparable to the transfer rate of the SCSI
> disk connected to the Qlogic 1020 card.
> All looks ok, dmesg, lspci, hardware detection (I get some depmod error,
> see dmesg, but they looks benign).
> BUT I get strange filesystem (ext2) corruptions only with the 2.4.26 kernel.
> Untarring the kernel sources I can see random binary data in the sources.
> I also tried a 2.6.4 kernel but the filesystem corruption was so bad I had to 
> wipe the disk.
> The kernel reports that the disk (dkb0 in SRM lingo) is in mdma2 mode.
> I also read that UDMA is out of question. 

I may be completely wrong, but I *think* (dark dark memories) that there
was a DMA bug which was fixed somewhere in 2.5.x or 2.6.x times. So
please try once to disable DMA access entirely, then try to upgrade to
2.6.x :)


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