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Re: Alpha Miata IDE disk problem

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> > I have a MIATA PWS 500a with a custom Woody installation updated to SID,
> >
> > BUT I get strange filesystem (ext2) corruptions only with the 2.4.26
> > kernel. Untarring the kernel sources I can see random binary data in the
> > sources. I also tried a 2.6.4 kernel but the filesystem corruption was so
> > bad I had to wipe the disk.
> Yeah.  I had this problem to.  Corrupted my backup harddrive as well.  : )
> I finally got bug free access to my IDE drives by not compiling in CMD646
> support to kernel (i.e. just generic PCI IDE).
> This stops the kernel from enabling any special features (DMA, etc) on the
> CMD646 chipset.  The downside is IDE disk access is slow.
> - From reading the documentation/source, I understand the CMD64x chipsets are
> buggier than I'll get out.  Guess the real solution then is to use the SCSI
> subsystem or a different IDE controller.
This is correct. I don't, and according to everything I've read, would
never run anything on the onboard IDE controller on the MIATA. The CMD646
is just horrible.
I use SCSI (a Qlogic 1020/1040) for my disks. I have kept the cdrom on

Good luck.


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