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Re: problems with 2.4.2x on alpha.

On Mon, May 03, 2004 at 08:05:23PM +0200, Maciej Matysiak wrote:
> thank you, i'll try that. could you please describe your storage setup?
> i mean, what's connected to your scsi card (internal/external drives).
> if i remember correctly, the problem which i have appears only when nothing
> is connected to external scsi interface (i have only internal drives: two
> disks and cd-rom). but i could be wrong, i can't find the message with
> detailed description :( it was posted here not too long ago.

One observation re: the "stock" (ie non-Feral) Qlogic driver, is
that it typically does VERY poorly when asked to handle a SCSI bus
with both HDDs and CDROMs on it.

If your MIATA is set up that way, try either:

1. replacing the SCSI CDROM with an IDE one, or
2. moving the CDROM (or HDDs) to a different SCSI controller.


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