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Re: Alpha PC164

On Tue, Apr 13, 2004 at 08:16:39PM -0500, John Goerzen wrote:
> On Tue, Apr 13, 2004 at 05:21:30PM -0700, Greg wrote:
> > distro I could get up and running without kernel panic at best was DEBIAN's
> > distro.  It was/is a lot of fun using and learning Debian.  My question is,
> > does any one else on this list have a PC164 running anything other than
> > Debian ? If so was it very painful ?  I'm not talented enough to rewrite a
> I have a PC164LX, a similar machine, running Debian.  I have not used

As far as I now they are not so similar, but probably Jay can clarify

> any other operating system on it, save Windows NT for a brief spell
> (that is definately nothing to be excited about).  apt-get is unique to
> Debian and the Debian-derived distributions.

Again no. Though I really like apt-get, you can use it on RPM based
distros as well, e.g. Conectivia IMHO includes it, and both PLD and
RedHat can be used with apt-get, though they both offer other tools
(poldek and yum) as well.

> In general, the differences between Debian and other distros will also
> apply in the general case -- that is, Debian vs. RedHat on the PC will
> have similar differences as you see here.

"PC" have no distinct models (as Jensen, LX, Rawhide,XP1000) which is
the classifying factor in the alpha world; there you rather look at
components (which chipset, ...). Of course, since alphas can be
expanded, similar issues araise there as well.

> Debian seems to be the operating system that supports the widest range
> of Alpha hardware, since it can boot from both MILO and aboot.  This is
> something that, AFAIK, the neither the BSDs nor Gentoo have mastered.
> RedHat long ago dropped Alpha support.  I don't know if Slackware really

But Compaq still maintains a branch which was made from RedHat; given
that there was recently some effort by RedHat employees to get Fedora
running on alpha, I would not call it "dead". It just has an uncertain
future. So for playing, I would not rule it out.

> supports Alpha; I'd be inclined to think that Debian's support is better
> there as well.

I thought the Slackware port was stopped? But I may be wrong here.

Finally I really like Debian. But *please* before you praise it
realize what the current status of the competition is.



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