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Re: Alpha PC164

On Tue, Apr 13, 2004 at 05:21:30PM -0700, Greg wrote:
> distro I could get up and running without kernel panic at best was DEBIAN's
> distro.  It was/is a lot of fun using and learning Debian.  My question is,
> does any one else on this list have a PC164 running anything other than
> Debian ? If so was it very painful ?  I'm not talented enough to rewrite a

I have a PC164LX, a similar machine, running Debian.  I have not used
any other operating system on it, save Windows NT for a brief spell
(that is definately nothing to be excited about).  apt-get is unique to
Debian and the Debian-derived distributions.

In general, the differences between Debian and other distros will also
apply in the general case -- that is, Debian vs. RedHat on the PC will
have similar differences as you see here.

Debian seems to be the operating system that supports the widest range
of Alpha hardware, since it can boot from both MILO and aboot.  This is
something that, AFAIK, the neither the BSDs nor Gentoo have mastered.
RedHat long ago dropped Alpha support.  I don't know if Slackware really
supports Alpha; I'd be inclined to think that Debian's support is better
there as well.

-- John

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