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Alpha PC164


I have a couple Dec Alpha PC164s.  I have tried MANY about seven (7)
different distros about a year ago.  I'm using the SRM console.  The ONLY
distro I could get up and running without kernel panic at best was DEBIAN's
distro.  It was/is a lot of fun using and learning Debian.  My question is,
does any one else on this list have a PC164 running anything other than
Debian ? If so was it very painful ?  I'm not talented enough to rewrite a
kernel or the like to get it to work.  I tried, Red Hat (around
7.something-ish I think), NetBSD, FreeNSD, Slack, and a couple others I
cannot think of at the moment.  I really like the apt-get solution.  I don't
know if this is exclusive to Debian, but IMHO it's nifty.

Thanks for the time and bandwidth.  I am anticipating some interesting
responses, since I have a couple other boxes, I could try (same
PC164 --Panda boxes not sure of console yet.)

Thanks in advance.



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