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Re: 4D20 TGA2 graphics with X

On Tue, Mar 23, 2004 at 09:04:37PM +0100, Hartwig Atrops wrote:
> I bought a DEC 500au with the above graphics board some weeks ago.
> Woody works on it, but only in text mode. Searching XFree86 as well
> as Google results in "not supported" messages.
> Kernel documentation (tgafb.txt) coming with 2.4.20 tells the same - dated 
> april 2000.
> The latest related thread on this list I have in my mail archive is one year 
> old.
> Any news? What about framebuffer support in kernel 2.6?

PowerStorm	Actual
Model		Hardware
----------	--------

3D10		S3 Trio64 (NT only)
3D30		TGA2 8-plane
4D10T		ELSA Gloria Synergy 8
4D20		TGA2 24-plane
4D40T		Intergraph Cateye
4D50T		Intergraph Cateye
4D51T		Intergraph Cateye
4D60T		Intergraph Cateye

300		Evans and Sutherland REALimage
350		Evans and Sutherland REALimage

Only 3D10, 3D30, 4D10T and 4D20 have XFree86 support.

If you really DO have a 4D20, it is fully supported, regardless of
what the docs (kernel or xfree86) have to say.

Kernels 2.4.x have always had support for it in text mode, as it looks
and behaves just like a VGA, which the frontend Cirrus chipset is.
XFree86 from 4.1.0 on also supports it.

You DO (often) have to put in an appropriate "BusID" option in the
"Device" Section of the XF86Config file, but beyond that, it should
work fine, albeit a bit slow when compared to more modern (and more
fully accelerated) cards. 3D30 will ONLY work in 8-bit mode, and
4D20 ONLY in 24-bit mode.

Kernels 2.6.x should also support either TGA2 fully in text mode
(though the older original TGA is currently problematic, IIRC).

Good luck.


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