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Re: Alpha Server 2100 4/275 Compaq AVGA and XFree86 3.3.6

On Thursday 08 Jan 2004 3:19 pm, Jay Estabrook wrote:

> It (SRM) should "just work". Are you having a problem even before the
> kernel gets booted?

Well, I am about to try again but I was getting a blank screen - but now 
I am thinking of stripping out some of the additional cards - this was
a production line machine from Digital Ayr - so it hardly a "standard spec
(whatever that is) -
> 54-23184-01 is the original TGA 8-plane card, and should work in an
> AS2100.

 I was wondering whether position of the 4 switches on the card
(accessible externally) is critical - the (two cards)  have the switches
in different configurations - do you know of any DEC documentation on 
this card?

> > Another question - because I have taken the Compaq EISA card in and
> > out I am getting an SRM error message - I have an ECU floppy but how
> > do I proceed when I get to the update configuration floppy - when I
> > do not have one and cannot see how to generate a new one!
> Sigh...
> I've always avoided EISA cards as much as possible, so that I could
> avoid the ECU... ;-}
> When you run the ECU from SRM, it should be possible to delete the
> EISA VGA from the configuration, and, once saved, should eliminate
> those pesky error messages.

Sounds like a good idea

Thanks again



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