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Feral ISP driver: dma map request problem

On Friday 02 January 2004 15:43, Ulrich Harttig wrote:

> Only now I had the opportunity to test the system with the Feral driver.
> However, my attempt failed miserably.
> The driver was compiled as module under a 2.4.22 kernel and included into
> the initrd image. On boot-up the driver appeared to load and recognize the
> disks but the system hung subsequently with the error message
> isp: NOT RESPONSE in RESPONSE QUEUE (type ...... which seems to be the
> error messages for not responding ( notresp[] in isp.c )

Ooops, I forgot to disable the loading of the original qlogic driver. After 
that, I could use the Feral ISP driver. 

But again I ran into a problem: Once a day I would get the following error 
kernel message  (20 to 30 of them).
kernel: pci_map_sg failed: could not allocate dma page tables
kernel: isp0: unable to dma map request

Afterwards the machine would work without any more of these messages. But 
tonight the machine would hang after the dma problem and had to be rebooted

Does anyone have an idea what the cause of the dma allocation problem could be 
? Faulty harddrives, faulty controller ??

Thank you for your help

Dr. Ulrich Harttig
Protein Struktur Fabrik

Max-Planck-Institut fuer molekulare Genetik
Heubnerweg 6 D, 14059 Berlin, Germany
Tel    (+49 30) 32639-2814
WWW    www.proteinstrukturfabrik.de/~harttig

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